word-of-mouth radio

We will bring customers who are willing to pay
Mutual recommendation platform between customers, businesses and bloggers

How is it done?

Personal chatbots and
thematic catalogs with
great exposure

Direct Communication with your customers

Mutual recommendation platform to attract bloggers
& premium audience

CRM & Payment

What is
the cost?

Managing and retain
customers for free

Does not require an advertising payment

Payment only for new customers
who made a purchase

Mutual recommendation Platform for premium audience attraction

Customers earn by
we encourage them
to share information
about your offers

You get premium

A chatbot network
to attract and
retain customers

Personal chatbots and thematic catalogs with great exposure

Telegram is the best tool
for communication with
500+ million audience

You get your personal
chatbots and catalogs
coverage for free

A recommendation platform to attract bloggers and opinion leaders

You get an audience of bloggers
and influential supporters

Bloggers and Opinion leaders can easily
share vouchers with their audience

Mutual settlements to monetize
audience with fair payouts

crm & Payment processing

CRM tools for managing
customers, increase
in average check and
number of visits

One-click prepayments, cashbacks and
settlements with customers and bloggers

Direct communication with your customers

Always be in touch with
your customers

Get feedback and reviews
audience with fair payouts

Recommendation platform to attract and retain premium audience

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